Argentina’s Innovacion Torrontes-Pinot Grigio 2010 by Santa Julia


Interesting how almost a year to date after discovering this wine at a local Whole Foods Market I am now employed as their Specialty Beverage Buyer in the beautiful new store in North Miami Florida. I was very excited to see this wine in our set and will be recommending it to our white wine drinkers. This is a perfect Spring and Summer choice for those who prefer a dry white. SALUD!


Whine And Cheers For Wine

Santa Julia Innovacion Torrontes-Pinot Grigio  2010

I discovered this wine last year while shopping at Whole Foods Market.  Three things made it jump out at me;

The fact that it was a Torrontes blend. The price, on sale at $10.99. The size, it is packaged in; a 1 litre bottle instead of the usual 750ml or 1.5 litre.

Appreciating everything wine from Argentina I had not yet come across a Torrontes blend. I actually still have not seen any others but I admit I have not gone out of my way to search them out either. Over the last year we have taste tested various Torrontes and I must admit that for me it is a varietal that I am learning to appreciate. In other words not love at first pour.

The taste is different from any other wine I have ever had. I would describe it as having substantial minerality, some…

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