Argentina’s Innovacion Torrontes-Pinot Grigio 2010 by Santa Julia


Santa Julia Innovacion Torrontes-Pinot Grigio  2010

I discovered this wine last year while shopping at Whole Foods Market.  Three things made it jump out at me;

The fact that it was a Torrontes blend. The price, on sale at $10.99. The size, it is packaged in; a 1 litre bottle instead of the usual 750ml or 1.5 litre.

Appreciating everything wine from Argentina I had not yet come across a Torrontes blend. I actually still have not seen any others but I admit I have not gone out of my way to search them out either. Over the last year we have taste tested various Torrontes and I must admit that for me it is a varietal that I am learning to appreciate. In other words not love at first pour.

The taste is different from any other wine I have ever had. I would describe it as having substantial minerality, some petrol flavoring but mostly the standout for me is honeysuckle and lychee both in taste and nose. As stated before; it is an acquired taste. One that I am actually coming to like which brings me back to the topic at hand the Innovacion blend.  The grapes are separately fermented in stainless steel,  then blended prior to bottling by this Zuccardi family owned vineyard.

This is a perfect match! So much so that I would easily consider having this stocked all the time as a “go to” white wine. The sweet factor of the Torrontes grape is nicely balanced with the acidity of the crisp Pinot Grigio. A perfect weekday wine, a great picnic wine and best yet a refreshing libation for the too soon approaching summer.  Combine all this with the agreeable price and 1 litre size and I would say you have a home run!  SALUD!

Online notes:

The aroma is typical Torrontes: grapefruit, tropical fruits, pineapple, with  floral notes. The flavor is grapefruit, pears, pineapple, a hint of vegetal.

This 90% Torrontes – 10% Pinot Grigio blend is made of 100% sustainably farmed grapes. The Torrontes is from Maipu vineyards, Mendoza and the Pinot Grigio is from Santa Rosa vineyards, Mendoza. The nose is complex and aromatic with notes of roses, orange peel and chamomile. There are also ripe fruit notes, such as peach and pear with notes of citrus. This wine has a soft and fresh entry, unctuous. It is elegant and balanced.

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    Interesting how almost a year to date after discovering this wine at a local Whole Foods Market I am now employed as their Specialty Beverage Buyer in the beautiful new store in North Miami Florida. I was very excited to see this wine in our set and will be recommending it to our white wine drinkers. This is a perfect Spring and Summer choice for those who prefer a dry white. SALUD!

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