Quest for the best. One year over 130 wines.


Wine (Photo credit: Uncalno)

2011, one year; over 130 wines.

At the time of course we never knew how many wines we would get to taste. Attending monthly wine classes, being a member of The Wall Street Journal Wine Club, researching independently, shopping sales and receiving as well as sharing wine tips from friends made it fun, informative and challenging. We only had one rule: the Wine Diary would be for wines imbibed at home only.

For the most part we followed this rule only bending it slightly when we discovered a wine out at dinner or attending a social event. For these occasions when we discovered what we thought may be a “keeper” we would search high and low for the same wine, stock it in our cellar [the guest bedroom] and have it once again at home not only obeying our one rule but at the same time confirming we liked it the second time around as much as the first.  Interestingly enough there were a few wines we LOVED the first time and not the second with the same occurring in reverse: disliked at first taste and thinking the second time around “what were we thinking?”.  Hard to explain why but I guess multiple reasons are possible; not in the mood, bad batch, not paired well, temperature etc.

Over 130 wines in one year. Not as difficult as one would think. But now the challenging part; narrowing down the favorite lists.

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